PCI3000 Precision Cortical Impactor

PinPoint is a Precision Cortical Impactor used in basic medical research to replicate traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries in an animal model. The system is designed to provide the user with precision control, power, and flexibility to generate accurate, reliable, and reproducible results.

System Features

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Software Interface
  • 360˚ Range of Motion
  • Velocity (0-3m/s)
  • Depth (0-5mm)
  • Dwell Time (input in milliseconds)
  • Seven Available Tip Sizes
  • Integrated Contact Sensor
  • Multiple System Configurations

Software Interface

PinPoint is operated by a GUI (Graphical User Interface) software package installed on any standard PC or laptop. It is a point-and-click application that allows the user to:

  • Adjust velocity, depth, and dwell time
  • Control vertical movements of the ram
  • Initiate impact
  • Record important notes
  • View, save, and export results